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Scientific Ideas Fair

Since 2017, the Pariscience festival supported by the Science & Television Association, organizes, in partnership with the Scam, the Scientific Ideas Fair.

This event brings together scientists with research that they think could inspire a film with writers-directors-producers. The objective: to create a spark for documentary creation.

Scientists are invited to summarize their research in writing. After selection, Pariscience compiles the research topics in a catalog, sent to the national network of writers-directors of the Scam and to the network of producers of the AST.

Meetings of about one hour are then organized according to the subjects selected by the writer-directors, by videoconference, during the festival.

Producers, members of the Science & Television Association, advise the scientific participants on the pitching process and the world of documentary film.


The Scientific Ideas Fair is part of the various actions of the AST / Pariscience Incubator, to facilitate the emergence of new talents and the birth and development of scientific documentary projects. Among the other actions of this incubator: Symbiosis – Make a film in 48h! and the calls for documentary projects.

For more information about the Scientific Ideas Fair, visit the Pariscience festival website.