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Professional meetings

In order to help professionals face the challenges of an ever-changing work environment, Pariscience organizes free sessions to discuss new shifts in the audiovisual and scientific sectors.

Directors, producers, broadcasters, heads of audiovisual services in research centers and cultural broadcasters share their respective experiences by analyzing issues, sharing best practices and case studies.

All meetings are exclusively reserved for AST members.


How to produce in 4K and HDR?

In attendance of :

  • Alexandre Sadowsky, DaVinci Resolve freelance digital colorist,
  • Stéphane Gallet, Post Production manager.
  • This masterclass aimed to study in depth the challenges of 4K and HDR: from shooting to delivery, workflows related to different standards and real costs compared to HD (for live action, animation, computer-generated imagery …).


    Meeting with Alchimie

    In attendance of :

  • Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO and founder,
  • Pauline Berard, Head of acquisitions,
  • Nicolas Cantau, Publishing Director.
  • This masterclass was an opportunity to discover the universe of Alchimie: expected editorial content, the functioning of themed channels and the distribution mode, through market studies and case studies.


    Meeting with Disney+ / Star+ / National Geographic

    In attendance of :

  • Kevin Deysson, director of original productions,
  • Bénédicte Renou, head of editorial – documentary, TV – France and international
  • This meeting was an opportunity to discover the group’s editorial line, the latest commissioned projects and to enjoy a privileged exchange with the speakers.


    Meeting with NOVA (case science of the American public network PBS)

    In attendance of :

  • Julia Cort, co-executive producer NOVA – WGBH
  • Chris Schmidt, co-executive producer NOVA – WGBH
  • This meeting was an opportunity to discuss with NOVA’s producers the group’s expectations in terms of international co-productions and its editorial line.


    Meeting with Smithsonian Channel

    Organized as part of Sunny Side of the Doc

    In attendance of :

  • James BLUE, Head of Smithsonian Channel – SVP MTV News and Docs
  • Pamela AGUILAR, VP Original Documentaries
  • Rachel WATSON, Director of program development
  • This exchange allowed us to discover the new direction of Smithsonian Networks (MTV Entertainment Group of VIACOM/CBS) as well as the new editorial line of the group.


    How to adapt documentary production to environmental and climate issues?

    Organized as part of the Pariscience festival

    In attendance of :

  • Pervenche Beurier, secretary general of Ecoprod and
  • Cédric Lejeune, founder of Workflowers.
  • This session allowed to measure the costs, the impacts in terms of carbon emissions and the various innovations to come in the sector. All stages of the production process were examined through case studies.


    Impact production

    Organized as part of the Pariscience festival

    In attendance of :

  • Magali Payen, founder of Imagine 2050 and the NGO On est prêt,
  • Khadidja Benouataf, vice-president of Impact Social Club
  • Laura Longobardi, head of impact and industry at FIFDH Geneva.
  • In a context where many citizens wish to give meaning to their lives by committing themselves to different causes, more and more professionals are asking themselves the question of the impact of their films. This exchange allowed us to discuss what impact production means, how it can bring about lasting changes in our society, and its effect on obtaining certain grants.