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Calls for documentary projects

The Pariscience festival, organized by the Science & Television Association, launches calls for projects for writing or directing scientific works alongside its partners. These competitions are a real springboard for young authors and directors and allow new projects to be created.

These calls for projects and competitions are part of the different actions of the AST / Pariscience Incubator, to facilitate the emergence of new talents and the birth and development of scientific documentary projects. Among the other actions of this incubator: le Scientific Ideas Fair and Symbiosis – Make a film in 48h!

For more information, visit the Pariscience festival website.


Prize for the first scientific film – Ushuaïa TV

Pariscience is associated for the sixth consecutive year with the First Scientific Film Award, launched by Ushuaïa TV. This is an opportunity for directors who have never made a popular science documentary to submit a 52-minute film project illustrating, from a scientific angle, the channel’s themes such as biodiversity, the environment or terrestrial phenomena.

This year, Thomas Marie’s project, Dé-extinction, un nouvel espoir ?, produced by francetv.studio, was awarded a co-production of Ushuaïa TV worth €25,000 €. Once produced, the film will be screened during the 18th edition of the festival and broadcasted the same day exclusively on Ushuaïa TV.

Previous winners :

2016 OEil pour OEil, by Milena Mathez-Loic – co-production : Mona Lisa Production
2017 Thermostat planétaire, by Arthur Rifflet – co-production : Les films en vrac
2018 Astéroïdes, le nouvel Eldorado spatial ?, by Guillaume Lenel – co-production : Nomades TV, Melusine Productions
2019 5°C de plus, by Victor Jullien – co-production : One Planet
2020 Dégel du pergélisol, une bombe à retardement, by Rémi Forte – co-production : Bo Travail
2021 L’Odyssée de la coquille Saint-Jacques, by Laurence Monroe – co-production : Calisto Productions.

Plein Suds, competition for the best short film project

Because research in developing countries is a global issue for development, the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), encourages the creativity of young directors, science and film students, and invited them to imagine short films scripts. From 2016 until 2021, this call for projects was an opportunity to put the spotlight on fundamental issues such as the improvement and evolution of societies or the preservation of the environment and resources.

The winning project received a production grant equivalent to €2,000 and an internship agreement with the IRD for the duration of the production. Once completed, the film was previewed at the festival.

Winners of the “Plein Sud sur la Recherche” short film script competition :

2016 Lendeng, by Mor Talla Kandji
2017 Santarém, voix d’eau à contre sens, by Gaspard Durieux et Anne Berets
2018 Elarmekora, sur la trace des premiers hommes du bassin du Congo, by Clément Champiat
2019 Küme Moguen (le bien-être dans l’harmonie), by Arina-Alma Susa
2020 Salmonella, by Moubarakou Liadi
2021 Le Souffle des vodous – Symphonie en fâ majeur by Loïck Guttierrez