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Founded by an experienced producer and based in Paris, Little Big Story focuses exclusively on producing documentaries for all media.

This approach is based on the idea of a demanding citizen-viewer, interested in understanding the forces shaping our world. It’s a forward looking approach, suited to ambitious projects and diversified financing.
All our stories are aimed at an international market and have the potential of reaching a wide audience. Little Big Story produced NUMBER 387 (ARTE/RTBF in coproduction with Stenola Productions & Graffiti Docs), THE WORLD ACCORDING TO AMAZON (France tv, Radio CANADA), THE RANSOM (ARTE/RTBF in coproduction with Belgium and 15 broadcasters); The Empire of red gold (FRANCE2, TV5 Canada, RTS, RTBF, YES) in coproduction with Canada, Switzerland: Hitler’s bankers (FRANCE5, ARD, RTS, RTBF) and Oleg’s choice (FIPA competition, DOK LEIPZIG international selection)…
LITTLE BIG STORY LAB is dedicated to immersive films and based in Saint Etienne.
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182, rue La Fayette
75010 Paris - FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)1 84 79 20 50

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AST member(s):
Valérie Montmartin, Producer
Sophie Parrault, Producer