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The company, Guindala Production, has grown out of a desire to tell extraordinary stories that concern us all, using offbeat and innovative stortelling  ways whether they speak of our environment, our intimate universe or are inscribed in our collective memory.

Since 2018, as our productions have progressed, we have decided to clearly reorient our environmental issues, as they condition the future of all of us and are at the heart future and are at the heart of our current concerns. The major environmental issues stir up spectres as powerful as they are essential life and the future of humanity.

We want to tell the story of those who have the courage to take action, to fight and to invent the world of tomorrow and highlight the beauties of our world and and their relentless struggle for survival.

It’s our duty as producers, as passers-by, to make our actions part of this battle to preserve biodiversity, and to pass on the scientific information that enables an agile understanding of our world. Guindala Production’s editorial strategy is increasingly based on two main themes: Nature and the environment on the one hand, and science on the other.

It’s all about restoring the beauty that’s essential to life, and as such must be protected in the same way as water and air. so every morning, ask yourself what you can do to achieve your goals, and do it !

13, rue Georges Auric
75019 Paris - FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0) 06 72 97 83 16
E-mail: guindala@gmail.com

AST member(s):
Nathanaël Friloux, Producer