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For 20 years, Bonobo Productions has been producing documentaries with an international vocation mixing history and facts of society, science or discovery, on topics as diverse as French nuclear tests, animal biotechnology or underground exploration.

In search of new horizons, it continuously expands its interests. Eclecticism, curiosity and know-how guide our choices.
Our films are regularly honoured :
– FIFAD 2023 (Suisse) : Diable d’Or / MocGor Festival (Pologne) : Tatra National Park Prize / Chamonix Film Festival : Special jury prize/ Festival 360° d’Aventures de Millau : Jury’s favorite pick… for « On a marché sous la Terre »
– Deauville Green Awards 2020 (Silver Award for « Sans Frontières »)
– Festival Pariscience 2017 (Grand Prize et Student prize for « Et l’homme créa la vache »)
– Festival International du film ornithologique Ménigoute 2019 (Prize of the Poitevin marsh for « Sans Frontières »)
– Lussas 2017 (Sacem Prize – « Best musical documentary » for « Ma vie de Contrebasse »)
– Fipa 2014 (Michel Mitrani Prize for « Le copain d’avant »).

If the French broadcasters trust us, our productions are also relayed abroad, Channels as diverse as SBS (Australia), Al Jazeera documentary, NDTV (India), DR2 (Danemark), Press TV (Iran), TVI (Portugal), Radio Canada and TV5 Monde… have appreciated the quality of our work.

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32A, rue de la mare
75020 Paris - FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)1 46 36 83 17
E-mail: bonoboprod@yahoo.fr


AST member(s): 
Thierry Derouet, Producer
Caroline Richter-Bonini, Producer