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AST trailer

The Association Science & Télévision (AST), set up in 2001, is a group of 70 independent producers working for 37 different production companies. The AST launches several initiatives to promote the role of science on television and fosters international co-productions.
Since 2005, the association has organised the International Science Film Festival PARISCIENCE.

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Summer 1610. One of the first telescopes invented by Galileo finally arrived in Prague, the capital of the Roman Empire. For ten nights Johannes Kepler, can finally explore the sky using the new invention and see what no one has ever seen. Johannes Kepler, unclassifiable and tireless, traces its singular path between science and superstition, freedom and intolerance

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The French and the documentary

It appears in this study that documentaries and reports are the favorite programmes of the French viewers (54% of respondents), before films and the news.
Even better, one in two French would like to see more documentaries about science (and even 57% of the 18-34 year-olds).

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