As sublim as they are, the plants surrounding us make up a familiar setting that we see and know little. The Secrets de Plantes collection invites us to discover four commun plants, and reveal their unsuspected qualities.

Scientists, farmers, economists, sociologists, change our view of the nettle, the arabis, the yew and the lotus. They unveil their applications and the new technologic, medical, economic and social issues. When our societies are questioning their relationship to biodiversity, we travel the world and discover how plants become partners of our lives.

Broadcast on Arte as part of a Biodiversity special program:

– Friday May 21st
4.55pm: The Arabis, the genetic meccano
10pm: The Lotus, from spirituality to hypertechnology

– Friday May 28th
4.55pm: The Yew, at the frontiers of life
10pm: The Nettle, toward a savage garden

A collection suggested by Gabriel Chabanier (Le Miroir), directed by François-Xavier Vives, commentary read by Marie-Christine Barrault.