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Pascal Moret
Producteur, Réalisateur 

Jean-Philippe Camborde

  La Belle Société Production

La Belle Société Production is officially created on December 6th, 2012 by two authors-directors. His main activity is the production of documentary movies and cultural, historic, scientific and societal Web-documentaries.
This creation of company leans on a double experience of realization and production, for more than fifteen years, in television for chains France 5, France 4, France 3, Canal+, and in the Corporate domain with private customers and with institutions.
Belle Société Production is a tool to give itself the ways to be an actor of communication and the transmission of the knowledges by producing audiovisual works sour to the division of knowledge with most large numbers. 

We know the necessity of creating footbridges between the Science and the Society. We make a commitment to make discover and share the big questions which put us today, the sciences.

The Beautiful Production company produced:

“Employment and Cancer” flat one digital shape which allows to understand and to make the necessary initiatives with a employer when we learn our disease. It is a coproduction with The League against the Cancer. 

“Nature = Future” a series of 30 movies about the Bioimitation (Biomimicry) and the sustainable innovation. 
A coproduction with Anru – CNRS- Inserm – Education France Télévision, the MNHN, the city of Senlis, the CEEBIOS, Has way to wake Up, Biomimicry Europa.

Some movies : 

> “Employment and Cancer” directed by Pascal Moret and Julien Guiol 
More details.

>  “Nature = Future” directed by Pascal Moret and Jean-Philippe Camborde
More details.  

> Salon d’Automne jour 1 directed by Pascal Moret and Julien Guiol 
More details.