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Guillaume Pérès 
David Guyard 
Directeur de développement 

  Grand Angle Productions

Grand Angle Productions, created in 1994, is a production company creating more than 80 documentary per year for French and international television broadcasters.

The company is particularly involved in the following thematics: History, Society, Sea & Discovery and aims at affirming its identity with attractive and demanding films as a new window on the world. 

We intend to explore the complexity of our times throughout strong stories, unusual discoveries and intense characters. Meeting people and exchanging our ideas worldwide remain the first engines of our activity. This is what helped us during the last 20 years to make ambitious films possible and to increase our international audience.

Some movies : 

> Thomas Pesquet – Objectif Mars directed by Alain Tixier and Vincent Perazio

> Musique et Préhistoire directed by Laurent Mizrahi

> Retour sur la Lune directed by Charles-Antoine de Rouvre

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