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Stéphane Millière

Président-Directeur Général

  Gédéon programmes

Created in 1995 at the initiative of its president Stéphane Millière, GEDEON Programmes is a key figure in international audiovisual production. Feature films, documentaries, magazines, short programmes, institutional films and spin-offs, GEDEON produces an average of 70 to 90 hours of programmes each year. With a mind for our future generations confronted with a world that is increasingly fragile and endangered, GEDEON is committed to producing quality programmes for a wide audience in its field of choice: exploration, discovery and preservation of our scientific, environmental and cultural world heritage. Always abreast of new technologies, GEDEON produces a third of its films in high definition for maximum quality, and uses the latest cutting edge special effects and CGI as well as historical reconstitutions and fiction within its programmes. Today, Gedeon’s catalogue contains 800 hours of programmes and 20,000 hours of rushes – an incredible wealth of images shot in the four corners of the earth, a treasure trove for the media and companies. Since its inception, numerous key figures from the scientific and cultural communities, scientific and governmental institutions, and French and international broadcasters have put their trust in GEDEON. GEDEON’s commitment to quality has garnered more than 350 prizes and awards in international festivals since its creation as well as the Producer’s Award by the PROCIREP, UNESCO’s Science and Television Award and the Patronage Oscar Award.