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Jean-Marc Cazenave 
Marie-Anne Sorba 

  Fred Hilgemann Films

Founded in Paris by Marie-Anne Sorba et Jean-Marc Cazenave, Fred Hilgemann Films is a French independant producing company backed by the CNC since 2013, and now settled in Toulon (South of France).
Dedicated to Science, Environment, History, Society and Culture, our projects intend to contribute to a national & international open reflexion about our present, our past and our common future.

Fred Hilgemann Films is a member of A.S.T since 2015.

> La Prophétie des Yupiks directed by Dmitry Trakovsky & Paloma Veinstein

> L’Énigme du Grand Menhir directed by Marie-Anne Sorba & Jean-Marc Cazenave

> Frère Sylvestre, saint et sorcier directed by Charles H. de Brantes & Jean-Marc Cazenave

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