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Annette Gourdon 
Nathalie Bournat 
Administratrice de production 

  Alisa Productions

Alisa Productions is a truly independent documentary producing company, with a special link to Central and Eastern Europe as a zone of inspiration and collaboration.

Alisa Productions often works in co-production with national or foreign producers. The company specialises in project development, search for funding, scriptwriting, & language versioning (Russian, German, French, Italian).

The company was created in 2006 by Annette Gourdon (25 years of international experience in Moscow, Munich and Paris) with the aim to work within short-sized, highly motivated teams, on creative films with a strong international appeal.

Alisa Productions especially focuses on social issues, history, & science.

Some movies : 

> USSR, the Disintegration – СССР, путь к распаду directed by Philippe Claude and Annette Gourdon.
A quarter of a century separates us from the fall of USSR. A majour event in world history, which completely changed the international power’s balance and turned the world into one block. 

> Four Men in the Great War directed by Philippe Claude and Annette Gourdon
Interlaced with archive material and original drawings, these portraits of an English baron, a French mining expert, a German aviator & a Russian doctor – give us a unique perspective of the Great War. 

> Tarap, from one world to another directed by Hervé Thiberghein
In the Tarap valley, in Nepal, the young generation of a traditional community wonders about the radical emergence of modernity in the everyday life. 

> Soyouz sous les tropiques directed by Sergueï Miroshnitchenko and Angelina Golikova
Russian Soyuz launched from a tropical cosmodrom on the American continent in French Guiana: the result of a long collaboration between Russians and Europeans in space programs.