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Master Class 3D: case study

Lionel Fages, producer (Cube Creative) will present animation sequences and Sylvain Grain, General Secretary of the UP3D, will introduce the session and present the context.
Stéphane Millière and Laurent Baujard, Gédéon Programmes, will tell the technology epic of the Makai, the lost world adventurers production, for Canal+.
Yves Bourgeois, Docside, will present sequences of his intention to transfer its Touch and Go documentary on the aircraft-carrier Charles de Gaulle in 3D from 2D.

Only open to members of the association, upon registration

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Cinéma du réel 2011

The Cinéma du Réel, documentaries festival is open to a wide diversity of writing, forms and ideas, and now gathers a faithful, curious and broad-based public.

Festival screenings take place at the Centre Pompidou, the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, the MK2 Beaubourg film theatre and several other theatres in the Île-de-France area.

> More info on the Cinéma du réel website

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22d Meetings Cinema-Nature

The festival taking place at Dompierre-surBesbre proposes to put another perspective on the nature and the environment through a competition of films and eclectic atypical nature.

It also offers a nature photo contest, a show called Espace-Nature, exhibitions throughout the city, debates and many animations.

> More info on the festival website (in french)

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Master Class with the NHK at Pariscience festival

Why choosing the type of editing or that type of storytelling works well for their science programmes? How does the NHK team works? What are the main storytelling features at NHK? Is the chain facing a loss of audience? What is the strategy and what impact does it have on production?

During the meeting hosted by Stéphane Milliere (Gedeon Programmes, member of the AST), Hideki Tazuke presented the specifics of production of science documentaries and international NHK co-production possibilities. Using images he decoded “the NHK method”, choices, realization rules, shooting …

  • Saturday, 9 October 2010, 10.30am to 12pm, Amphithéâtre Rouelle – Paris Museum of Natural History – Jardin des Plantes – Paris 5e