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In terms of dramaturgy, a backstory concerns the past experience of a character which shapes his actions and choices to advance the story. 

Backstory Media can count on a team who are agile and experienced in production, with the added value of a strong editorial department, as well as a post-production studio created for the needs of the recurring series Stories of Conflict produced for ARTE and broadcast in several European countries. 

Despite its recent creation, Backstory Media currently has several projects in development and production with international issues. Endowed with a strong european culture, accustomed to hybrid works, the company is developing know-how in the production of series for platforms, in particular for ARTE or France Télévisions, as well as originals feature documentaries, and directs its editorial line towards ambitious projects for Science, Knowledge and History, for the international market.

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36, rue Emile Decorps
69100 Villeurbanne, FRANCE


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Julien Coquet, Producteur