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“Changing Climates, Changing Times” on France 2

Can fiction overcome the reality of global warming?

Year 2075 : Climate predictions made at the beginning of the 21st century have turned out to be dramatically true: global warming of the Earth¹s atmosphere now has serious consequences on the every day lives of our grandchildren.
Several stories will evolve in parallel and interact with the others. They will strongly illustrate the probable consequences of this global warming of which we are already feeling the forewarning signals.

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Handicapped, their Desire of love

People who are dependent or handicapped are helped in all the basic everyday chores. Waking up, getting washed, dressing, mobility, and going to bed. But one essential and constitutive aspect of human life seems to have been forgotten, sexuality. In France there are currently few or no provisions to take these needs into account, whereas in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Holland they have existed for many years. In a series of hard-hitting, moving and surprisingly frank interviews, we learn of the needs and desires of handicapped people across France. Also featured are interviews with other Europeans, to show that sexual help not only exists, but that it also can be made to work.