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Cinéma du réel 2011

The Cinéma du Réel, documentaries festival is open to a wide diversity of writing, forms and ideas, and now gathers a faithful, curious and broad-based public.

Festival screenings take place at the Centre Pompidou, the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, the MK2 Beaubourg film theatre and several other theatres in the Île-de-France area.

> More info on the Cinéma du réel website

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22d Meetings Cinema-Nature

The festival taking place at Dompierre-surBesbre proposes to put another perspective on the nature and the environment through a competition of films and eclectic atypical nature.

It also offers a nature photo contest, a show called Espace-Nature, exhibitions throughout the city, debates and many animations.

> More info on the festival website (in french)

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Master Class with the NHK at Pariscience festival

Why choosing the type of editing or that type of storytelling works well for their science programmes? How does the NHK team works? What are the main storytelling features at NHK? Is the chain facing a loss of audience? What is the strategy and what impact does it have on production?

During the meeting hosted by Stéphane Milliere (Gedeon Programmes, member of the AST), Hideki Tazuke presented the specifics of production of science documentaries and international NHK co-production possibilities. Using images he decoded “the NHK method”, choices, realization rules, shooting …

  • Saturday, 9 October 2010, 10.30am to 12pm, Amphithéâtre Rouelle – Paris Museum of Natural History – Jardin des Plantes – Paris 5e
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China International Conference of Science & Education Producers (CICSEP)

CICSEP was founded by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) in 2000 and its 6th Conference will be held in Suzhou, near Shanhai, frome September 17th to 20th 2010.

CICSEP is dedicated to promoting professional exchange and cooperation through Awards, panel sessions and open discussions on hot topics of interest to the gobal science documentary industry.

The Reserach Directoral-General of the European Commission, along with the AST, will show selected european films, and especially several french films, produced by AST members:
– Chernobyl, a Natural History? (Camera lucida) competiting for the Dragon Awards;
– Naïca, the Crystal Cave (Telfrance);
– Mind of Plants (Gédéon programmes) ;
– Keep Looking (Les Films d’Ici) ;
– The Origins of Language (Crescendo Films) ;
– Something about Species (Agat Films – Ex Nihilo) ;
– Public enemy n°1: Carbon (Georama TV).

Some of the AST members will take part to the delegation of eurpean producers which will go in Shanghai to present films and meet chinese producers and broadcasters.

> See the CICSEP website

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Sunny Side of the Doc 2010

On that occasion, the AST organizes several rendez-vous for the members:

Monday, June the 21st – 4pm to 6pm
France / Canada co-production meeting hosted by Emmanuel Laurent.

Monday, June the 21st – 7pm
International science producers diner.

Wednesday, June the 23rd – 8.30am
Breakfast CBC – The Nature of Things.
With Michael Allder, Executive Producer – The Nature of Things CBC (Canadian Broadcasting corporation).

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Discovering the CEA… in Saclay

Organized for producers members of the AST and their teams only, this one-day visit will be a unique occasion to discover this small world where research is done in huge halls, where experiments can be build up behind pastel-colored concrete cubes and it will be an opportunity to visit labs using the latest technologies as well as unique research tools (Hall Synergium, Hall Mirabel, biology laboratory, Neurospin, Osiris, Joint Laboratory CEA / CNRS, Artemis).

  • On Thursday, May 27th, all day long, with CEA bus transportation from Denfert Rochereau, and a lunch provided on site, with scientists.